Consultation on matters related to daily living, and translation  services are available

in Multilingual consultation desk of Global City Ota Cooperation Association.

Multilingual consultation service

Consultations on matters related to daily living such as family/ children, marriage /

divorce, employment and communication difficulties are available in multiple languages.

Translation service

Translation service is available for documentation such as

certificate, etc. that must be submitted to Ota City office.

Information on Japanese language classes

Information on Japanese language schools and volunteerorganized

Japanese classes located in Ota City is available.

Multilingual consultation schedule

Days and hours

Monday Friday 10:00a.m.~5:00p.m.

1st and 3rd Sunday 1:00p.m.~5:00p.m.


English    Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri 10:00a.m.~5:00p.m.

Chinese        Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri 10:00a.m.~5:00p.m.

Tagalog         Mon and Fri 10:00a.m.~5:00p.m.

Nepalese       Wed 10:00a.m.~5:00p.m.

Vietnamese   Thu 10:00a.m.~5:00p.m.


Consumer Center 1st floor, 5-13-26 Kamata, Ota-Ku