Join Us as Volunteer

Global City Ota Cooperation Association (GOCA) is looking for volunteers who are willing to get involved with our work by utilizing their abilities and experiences.

Please see below details and register as an International Exchange Volunteer.

Volunteer Activities

As an international exchange volunteer, depending on your preference, ability, or skills, you may register for one or more of the following activities. Anyone who is 15 years of age or older, and who lives, works or attends school in Ota-ku, can be registered.

A) Language Volunteer
This is for those who are proficient in foreign languages and Japanese. The expected activities include interpretation at an event or of necessary communication, and translation of written information, newsletters, etc. Also included are supporting language learners of Japanese and foreign languages.

B) Event Support Volunteer
GOCA implements variety of events, seminars, workshops, etc, throughout the year. We look for volunteers who assist us by taking tasks in planning, preparation, and operation of such events.

C) Publicity Volunteer
This is for those who are interested in creating event flyers or writing articles for newsletters, etc.

D) Volunteer for International Understanding
Introduces foreign or Japanese culture at events or seminars including special lecture for children or students at elementary school or junior high school.

E) Homestay/Home Visit Host
GOCA is planning to hold homestay/home visit program in the future. We look for those who are willing to accept foreign visitors at their own home.

Registration Process

1. Fill out the registration form and send to GOCA.

Download a registration application ⇒ [Microsoft Excel] [PDF] [With English explanation]
Send the filled form by Email, mail, Fax, or bring to the GOCA office below.

Ms. Komatsu, Global City Ota Cooperation Association (GOCA)
FAX: 03-6410-7982 Email: mail ★ (change ★ into @)
Address: 4th floor 2-3-7 Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0023

2. GOCA sends a notice to the applicant when completing the registration procedure. If an Email address is registered, the notice is sent via Email.


  • Registration of your email address is strongly recommended as GOCA contacts volunteers mainly via Email.
  • Please make sure your email service settings, so that the emails from GOCA (mail ★ (change ★ into @)) with attached files can be properly delivered to you.
  • Sometimes emails from GOCA are categorized as junk emails or emails with attachment can be rejected depending on the settings.

3. GOCA informs registered volunteers when volunteering opportunity arises. Please apply to the ones you are interested in joining. We also send out event information or volunteer request from other organizations.

4. The engaging volunteers receive details from GOCA (schedule, tasks, meeting spot, etc).


  • The registration is to be renewed at the beginning of every Japanese fiscal year (in April).
  • Please contact GOCA as soon as possible if your registration needs to be withdrawn or your information (address, email address, etc.) changes.
  • GOCA provides the volunteers with prepaid card for their cooperation.
  • The transportation cost from/to home and food and drink during the activity are to be covered by each volunteer.
  • GOCA puts the volunteers in an insurance program upon joining an activity. The expense and procedure are taken care of by GOCA.
  • Volunteers may be asked to answer questionnaire.

Contact Point

Ms. Komatsu, Global City Ota Cooperation Association (GOCA)