【Currently recruiting participants】JAPAN DAY~Enjoy Japanese traditional culture~

Multicultural exchange event, Japan Day will be held at Ikegami Baien when the plum trees are in full blossom in February. Join us and enjoy Japanese traditional culture. We are now inviting participants in the workshops.








Date and time: February 24 (Sun), 2019, 10:00 – 15:00

 Venue: Ikegami Baien (plum garden) (2-2-13 Ikegami, Ota City)

About twenty minutes’ walk from Ikegami-station of Tokyu Ikegami line

   About ten minutes’ walk from Nishimagome-station of Toei Asakusa line

Eligibility: This event has been organized for foreign residents of Ota City but Japanese residents are also welcome.


There will be hands-on demonstrations of traditional Japanese culture. Regarding the following workshop ①~③, please apply online from the application form at the bottom.


Tea Ceremony

Time: 1015/1100/1245/1330/1415

for 45minuts each time

Participation Fee: 300 yen

Capacity: 24 people each time




Tatami-mat Workshop

Make a base and a coaster with tatami! (Hina-dolls are not included.) 

Time: 1015/1115/1215/1315/1415

for one hour each time

Participation Fee: 500 yen

Capacity: 8 people each time



Bonkei workshop

Miniature garden with sand, small stones and plants arranged on a plate. You will be able to enjoy small scenery on a plate.

Time: 1030/1230/1400~(for one hour each time

Participation Fee: 1,000 yen

Capacity: 6 people each time





You can participate in the following workshop on first come and first served basis on the festival day.

Etegami (Japanese postcard art)

Draw whatever you like such as flower, fruit, vegetables etc. Add your favorable words, then the only postcard in the world will be completed. (Participation Fee: 200 yen)







There are lots of pleasure and games free of charge.

Ohayashi festival music

Shishimai (Traditional lion dance)


Japanese traditional game for children (Hagoita, Koma, Kendama, Daruma-otoshi, Sukeroku, Fukuwarai etc.)

A special activity called the ‘International Tea Party’ will take place in which visitors will have a chance to interact with people and Cool OTA-KU ambassador from various countries.


Admission charge for Ikegami baien Garden:

 Adult (16-64): 100yen

 Child (6-15): 20yen


Application Form

Please fill out the following application form. Please note that if participants exceed the limit, we will draw lots to allocate participant space. The results will be notified to all the applicants by February 12 (Tue) by email and post. Our email replies are sometimes sorted out to spam mail box, so please modify your reception setting in case you fail to receive email from mail[at]ota-goca.or.jp 

Closing date for application: February 4(Mon), 2019

If you have any problems to submit the application online, please contact us by email. Email address: mail[at]ota-goca.or.jp


●Choose workshop and time.

Tea Ceremony(Please choose time)

Tatami-mat workshop(Please choose time)

Bonkei workshop(Please choose time)